Vaseline 1

Everyone knows it: Vaseline. We all have a jar (or two) of these at home. But what can you actually do with it, besides smearing your lips? Below you will find 8 Vaseline hacks that will make your life extra easy.

1. Fight Cracked Heels

Have you been out and about all day and ended up with blisters or dry heels? Then Vaseline is your best friend. Put a layer of petroleum jelly on your cracked heels and wear soft socks when you go to sleep. In the morning you will wake up with feet as soft as baby skin. You’re welcome!

2. Remove Eye Makeup

Nothing is more difficult to remove than eye makeup, especially if it’s waterproof. Try tackling your eye makeup with some Vaseline on a cotton ball or some on your fingers. You will notice that your makeup will wipe off your eyes in no time thanks to the petroleum in the Vaseline. And it’s gentle on your eyes too! After removing your make-up, make sure that you clean your pores well with a cleansing milk or micellar water so that your skin does not get irritated.

3. Keep your perfume longer

If your skin is moist, it will hold fragrance longer than if your skin is dry. That’s why we don’t only recommend spraying your perfume on right after showering, but we also give you the tip to lightly smear your skin with Vaseline. This keeps your skin moist, so your perfume will last better. This way you will smell wonderful all day long and your skin will also be hydrated.

4. Take care of long eyelashes

Who doesn’t want long and healthy eyelashes? Not everyone has the money to have eyelash extensions or to buy expensive eyelash serums. Fortunately, Vaseline is a good alternative. Apply a thin layer to your lashes in the evening before going to sleep for beautifully groomed lashes.

5. Prevent dried out nail polish

You probably know it: you haven’t opened a nail polish jar in a long time and now it’s stuck. The nail polish has dried out and is caked on the inside, making it impossible to open the bottle. To prevent this, you can simply apply a layer of Vaseline to the inside of the cap so that it comes off easily during the next paint session.

6. Transform your makeup

Do you have a lot of powdery makeup products, but would you like a more shiny look ? Then you can easily turn your powder into a cream product by mixing it with some Vaseline. Apply some petroleum jelly to the back of your hand and mix it with the powder to create a shiny product. Ideal for an (after) summer glow!

7. Take care of dead spots

Going to the hairdresser can sometimes be a significant investment, even if you just want to get your ends trimmed. That’s why we all try hard not to let our hair ends dry out. You can easily combat dry hair ends with a little bit of Vaseline. Therefore, every now and then apply a little bit in your hair ends and let those locks continue to grow.

8. Tame Your Eyebrows

Last year it was not always easy to visit the eyebrow specialist to have your eyebrows tamed. That’s why we had to come up with our own solutions to keep our wild eyebrows in check. With this Vaseline hack you can keep your eyebrows in place all day long. Spread some Vaseline through your eyebrows with an eyelash brush and give them the shape you want.