White eyeliner


We love unique makeup looks. Whether it’s bright colors or unique shapes – this fall we’re going to see a lot of beauty coming up. The white eyeliner is also popular: in contrast to the black eyeliner, this white color gives your make-up look a real boost .

To give you some inspiration, we’ve listed the best looks.

White eyeliner: the beauty trend of the moment

If there’s one place that can provide us with the daily dose of beauty and fashion inspiration, it’s Instagram. The platform is full of new trends every day, and we also see a lot of things in the field of beauty. There is one specific beauty trend that continues to haunt us: the white eyeliner. The light eyeliner is the perfect addition to your make-up look and makes it extra summery and unique. We’ve collected the best looks.

1. Thick line

It should be clear that that white eyeliner really stands out. However, this is also the intention: after all, you want to stand out and give your make-up look a twist. To make your eyes stand out more, you can create a thicker line, like @_ananyaamin .

2. Graphic eyeliner

What would we do without Ariana Grande: the source of inspiration for graphic eyeliner looks . She created this gorgeous white eyeliner look at the end of May 2020 that gives us graphic vibes.

3. Classic White Eyeliner

Putting on an eyeliner does not have to be difficult. You can decide for yourself which shapes you make: will it be a unique graphic eyeliner or a classic? If it’s the latter, @itsjustjhordan will give you the inspiration you need.

4. Double Winged Eyeliner

You probably remember the popular double winged eyeliner , where you extend the eyeliner to your arcade arch. This creates a futuristic and unique effect, which is of course all we want this summer. Especially with white eyeliner, the look is fantastic.

5. Across the Member

Do you want to make your eyes stand out more? Then white eyeliner over the entire eyelid is the way to achieve this. Margot Robbie gives us a dose of inspiration.

6. Under the eyes

To go for a truly unique make-up look, creating a white line under the eyes is the look for you, if you ask us. Obsessed is an understatement .

7. On the arcade arch

We love a spacious and open makeup look, don’t we? We are in love with this makeup look where the white eyeliner is set exactly on the arcade, but just doesn’t touch the top waterline.

8. Straight Line

Straight lines are on trend and make our face shape stand out even more. By also doing this with eyeliner you create a graphic and modern effect. Gigi Hadid is already a big fan: