We are in the middle of spring but it is already smelling of summer! That is why we have decided to start now to tell you all the makeup looks that are going to be worn in the summer. We propose several looks so that you can see all the possibilities that summer 2022 makeup brings . Ready to find out? Take aim!

The musts of all summer looks

Before presenting the summer looks, you cannot lose sight of the fact that this year the looks that are hitting the hardest are those that focus on the eyes, so what you cannot miss for anything in the world are:

  1. A well defined and filled eyebrows to enhance its role your eyes and look completely fit.
  2. A long lashes and high, something that never comes badly for eyes to open eyes to the maximum.

Now that you have this clear, it’s time to talk about the looks!

The looks that will break the trend this summer!


Blue eyes

It is clear that in summer it is very hot, and where do we usually want to go? To cool places like the pool, the sea … That is why a summer makeup that always triumphs and that will also do so this year is blue makeup. Give freshness to your eyes with a blue tone ! The great thing about this makeup is that you can apply the blue shadow or eyeliner as you like: it is not a defined style and therefore you have thousands of possibilities! Have you thought about how you would like to wear them?


Celestial girl

The celestial girl look is super pretty: it’s about giving your eyes a fairytale touch in which pastel tones and iridescent texture abound . It is a makeup that will be seen a lot this year because it also gives a touch of freshness and romance that they like a lot. Try pastel shades: blues, pinks, greens, oranges and yellows and mix them with golds and other shades that make your eyes shine to the fullest. For this summer makeup, blush, highlighter and nude lips are a super must .

Only network

We have already told you everything about this look in this article . And it is that the Solo Red look extends even beyond spring . As we mentioned, it is a look that you can wear only on the lips, French-style, or you can combine it with your eyes to highlight the color to the fullest. This last option is ideal to wear with a mask!