Is your big day coming up? Time goes faster than you think! At your wedding you naturally want to stay close to yourself, and what better way to do that than with an au naturel make-up look? Nude, natural, the no-makeup make-up look, you name it. These looks have been dominating the make-up world for a while, but we also advocate natural look on your big day. Not over the top, but simply show your natural beauty and stay close to yourself. Isn’t that what you want? We explain to you how ( and with which products ) you create this look.


Of course you start at the beginning; don’t skip your foundation. Once you’ve found your ski tone, however, little can go wrong. So let’s skip the first layer of putty, and move on to the most important thing: your eyebrows! Try the soap brow technique, for example, with green soap from your kitchen. That way you don’t have to sign up forever, but you just get it done with your own eyebrows.


Eyeshadow, blush and mascara

As for eyeshadow, it is entirely up to your personal taste and appearance. If you are a lighter skin tone, we recommend that you keep a pink-red tone when you choose the eyeshadow and color blush. Still a little darker in color? Then a golden or dark brown smoky color might be nice. When you go for a nude look, a brown mascara is fantastic. Much less ‘hard’ than black mascara, so you can achieve the au naturel look in no time.



This is the absolute eye-catcher. There are thousands of shades of nude lipstick available, from light pink to dark brown. The same applies here: if you have a lighter skin color, it is best to go for a light pink or light brown lipstick. The ladies of color among us can also use a darker shade in addition to the beautiful light brown colors. Try dark brown for example! We know one thing for sure: with this make-up look you are more than ready for your big day.