The manicurist or nail technician is the right person to achieve perfectly groomed hands. As with bridal makeup, it is also very wise to start a treatment plan in time for taking care of the hands and nails.


Hands and nails in Perfectly groomed hands and nails

In the period prior to the wedding, your hands and nails will be returned to a good condition through the right approach. Any problem nails can now also be treated. By doing a trial session you can search for the right shape and color of the nails together with the nail stylist.

Bride’s nails

It is of course also important to see what you want. Many brides opt for nails with a natural look. These can be your own natural beautiful nails, but also very well beautiful natural artificial nails. A good nail technician will always ensure that your own nails do not suffer too much from the artificial nails and that they remain in good condition Perfectly groomed hands and nails.

Choose color

Would you rather color or something extravagant? For example, have the chosen theme color reflected in your nails, a piece of fabric from the wedding dress or the shape of a flower from the bridal bouquet. There are many options in the field of artificial nails: gel, acrylic, silk, templates and tips. From very natural to lots of color and extravagant. Everything for the best and most beautiful result!