Are you going to wear a Perfect Tiara or diadem at your wedding, but are you not sure what to look for when choosing one? Of course, he has to sit comfortably, not just for a while, but all day. We give some tips to keep in mind.

Fit of the Perfect Tiara

The tiara must of course fit well, but what is a good fit? It should not be too tight and not too loose. That means that you should be able to play crazy with it, but that you don’t feel it. It is helpful to have your hair similar to your bridal hairstyle so that you can fit the tiara properly. If your hair is different, the tiara will also be different.


Tiara is not nice

It may well be that the tiara fits well, but that it is still annoying to wear. You may be allergic to the material or the small particles may irritate your scalp. It is also possible that a loose part of the tiara irritates you, for example, a teardrop-shaped decoration. Remember that how you feel is more important than how you look and ask yourself if you can wear a tiara that irritates your skin all day. If you are not suitable for a tiara, there are many other options for wearing beautiful jewelry in your hair.

Shop a Perfect Tiara online

There is a lot of choice in tiaras online, but we have to give a warning. Not every webshop is reliable and the tiara you order can suddenly look very different when you hold it in your hands. Always buy through a webshop with a quality mark!

Store tiara

The tiara is a precious jewel, they are fragile and expensive. Buy a box in which you can keep it well, preferably with a soft cushion in it. Some tiaras already come in a box.

Perfect Tiara

Find the right design

You may be wondering: which tiara suits my face best? You should indeed look at your face, but also at your bridal hairstyle. It is therefore wise to try on tiaras if you already know what kind of bridal hairstyle you are wearing. Bring a photo or go tiara shopping on the day of your trial haircut. The seller can then help you further and provide valuable tips.

Determine your style

Before embarking on your tiara quest, take some time to explore your personal style and the overall theme of your event. Consider the type of gown you’ll be wearing and the hairstyle you plan to don. Are you going for a classic, romantic look or a modern, glamorous one? This initial step will help you narrow down your options and choose a tiara that complements your overall aesthetic.

Consider the occasion

Different occasions call for different tiaras. For a wedding, you might opt for a more traditional and intricate design, while for a prom or a party, you can explore more contemporary and eye-catching styles. Consider the formality of the event and choose a tiara that matches the overall ambiance and tone.

Take your hairstyle into account

Your hairstyle plays a vital role in determining the type of tiara that will work best for you. If you’re planning an updo, go for a tiara that sits securely on top of your head. For loose or flowing hairstyles, consider a tiara that can be pinned into place or that features a comb attachment. Additionally, keep in mind the size and weight of the tiara to ensure it won’t overwhelm your hairstyle or cause discomfort throughout the event.


Pay attention to materials and embellishments

Tiara designs can vary widely, ranging from delicate and dainty to bold and elaborate. Consider the materials and embellishments used in the tiara, such as crystals, pearls, rhinestones, or even gemstones, and choose something that aligns with your personal taste and the overall look you want to achieve. Make sure the tiara is well-crafted and comfortable to wear.

Try before you buy

When it comes to choosing the perfect tiara, trying it on is essential. Visit bridal boutiques, accessory stores, or specialized tiara retailers to try on various options. This will give you a better sense of how the tiara looks on you, allowing you to see how it complements your features and overall style. It’s also an opportunity to ensure that the tiara fits comfortably and stays in place.

Seek professional advice

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or unsure about choosing the right tiara, don’t hesitate to seek guidance from professionals. Bridal consultants, hairstylists, or accessory experts can provide valuable insights and suggest tiaras that match your vision and enhance your overall look.


Finding the perfect tiara is an exciting part of preparing for a special occasion. By considering your personal style, the occasion, your hairstyle, materials and embellishments, and trying on different options, you’ll be well on your way to discovering the tiara that makes you feel like royalty. Remember, this is your moment to shine, so take your time, enjoy the process, and embrace the elegance and beauty that a tiara brings to your overall ensemble.