The original tiaras are popular piece of jewelry among brides, because when else can you wear such a beautiful piece of jewelry without it looking over the top? If you’ve ever wondered how the tiara actually came to be and why we wear one, this article is for you!

Where does the original tiaras come from?

We probably don’t need to tell you that the tiara is a kind of crown in origin. The tiara as we know it now is actually quite modest, because in the past the tiaras were very high and striking. The tiara comes from Mesopotamia. High, cylindrical crowns were often in use there. The Greeks took the tiara to Europe, where it was often used at papal coronations. In the 19th century, the tiara was a status symbol among Western women from higher circles. After World War II, tiaras fell out of fashion and were worn less and less.


Royal or Papal Tiaras

If you look at a royal or papal tiara now, you will see few similarities with the modern tiara often worn by a bride. The papal tiaras are huge, very high and very elaborately decorated. Fun fact: Pope Paul VI was the last pope to be crowned with a tiara. The piece of jewelry was specially designed for him, but in 1964 he demonstratively renounced it. Since then, no pope has worn a tiara, although it remains the symbol of the Vatican’s coat of arms. Pope Benedict XVI became the first pope to replace his personal weapon, the tiara, with a miter.


The modern original tiaras

The tiara as we know is a lot smaller and has a (semi) circle as its base. The best-known form is the bandeau (headband), and then the coconut (headdress). You can get them with a lot or little bling, depending on your taste. They are decorated with anything and everything. So you can make it into something that is entirely your own taste and design. Tiaras are almost always symmetrical and can become very heavy, depending on the materials and number of stones used. However, you don’t have to worry that you can only wear your tiara once: many tiaras can be disassembled and you can use different parts for other jewelry. You even get a screwdriver when you buy a tiara. Funny right?