There is a good chance that your bridal shoes is not a completely closed shoe so that you cannot see anything of your foot. A well-groomed foot with beautiful nails is therefore quite important. In addition, a foot and nail treatment is simply very nice.

Open toe bridal shoes

If you go for a bridal shoe with an open nose or a bridal shoe with an open point, it can’t hurt to pay extra attention to your toenails. Because, as crazy as it sounds, your fluffy toes will also be photographed at your wedding.


Even if your fluffy toes aren’t really that fluffy at all. So looking for a good pedicure! Good care is the basis of a healthy nail, and the healthy nail is the basis for nail art. Let your toes shine!


Nail art for toenails

Nail art for your nails has been popular for quite some time now. From DIY videos on YouTube to inspiring photos on Instagram. You don’t need surgical precision, but a steady hand and some creativity is helpful.


Don’t have this? There is no shame in looking up a nail salon, on the contrary! If you like works of art on your nails, you have come to the right place at such a salon. A wonderful foot treatment before the nail art… Who wouldn’t want that?


Peeptoe as a bridal shoe

We, women, love shoes. There is a shoe for every occasion and if not, we invent a new occasion for which we need shoes. A wedding is the most important occasion for new shoes, so shopping is very important.


A peeptoe, or the open-toe shoe, is a very popular bridal shoe. All shoes with bare toes are also quite popular as bridal shoes, precisely because you can go wild with nail art. Which shoe & nail art do you choose?