Women and their love of shoes; just explain it. With the widening range of wedding dresses, the range of bridal is also increasing. After dress shopping, shoe shopping is of course the best thing in the world!


I can already hear the men sighing – even more shoes! Yes, and we women can only cheer for it. Try on it, touch them, look at them and best of all: have shoes. Have a lot of it. We prefer to buy more than one pair of shoes for the big day. A woman should have a choice, right?


Gone are the days of white or cream colored dress it. Time for popping colors and high heels! And of course low heels for when we get sore feet. How about popping red bridal shoes?


Perhaps you would like to have one of your pairs of bridal shoes in a beautiful white or ivory color. Which can! Because there are also many traditional bridal shoes with a beautiful accent, for example a golden edge. Maybe you want a detail that is less noticeable, for example a bright pink sole. You can’t see this nice floral detail from the front, but from the back or when you lift your foot, a cheerful color suddenly appears!


It could also be that you don’t like bright colors or that it doesn’t fit with the rest of the wedding. With the white and ivory colored bridal shoes you can also choose from different patterns on your shoe or maybe a nice buckle. Have you ever thought about cool boots? There are also countless variations to this. And if you can’t choose, why not just take an extra pair…?