High heels are of course very sexy, charming, feminine and incredibly uncomfortable. Parading in stiletto heels all day is at the expense of your feet, back and ultimately your mood. Switching to comfortable shoes in between is not unwise, but you do want to stay in style, of course Alternative bridal shoes without heel. Well… You can!

Sandals as bridal shoes

If you think of retired men who proudly tuck their white socks into their comfortable sandals when you hear the word ‘sandals’, don’t worry. We are not talking about such sandals. No, these feminine sandals are anything but dull.

There are flip flops, gladiators (those with lots of buckles and straps), espadrilles (which are also for sale with a small heel), in short: something for everyone. Is the weather at your wedding not really suitable for sandals? Then ballerinas might be better suited for you.


Ballerinas as bridal shoes

These flat shoes are perhaps the most sought after alternatives to bridal shoes. They are charming, feminine and comfortable. What more could a woman want? Plus, there are countless bridal shops and designers who design special wedding ballerinas and trust me – you really want them. The ballerina is also very laborious: would you like a print or jewelry on your shoe? No problem. The perfect ballerina really does exist, and you can order it online somewhere. Ideal.


Sneakers as bridal shoes

Who says you can’t wear comfy shoes to your wedding? Maybe not your first choice as a bridal shoe, but oh, these shoes are nice. Of course you don’t choose your worn-out sneakers that you always wear, even if they are your favorite. You will be shopping for special sneakers for your wedding . You can do that shopping at Avenue Antwerp. A huge collection of beautiful sneakers and you will also find many other must-haves for your wedding in Antwerp.

Foot jewelry: barefoot to the wedding

Ever seen someone tie the knot barefoot? At a summer wedding and especially at the beach weddings, it is not a bad idea at all to simply not wear shoes. Who wants abrasive sand in your shoes? So nobody. Solution: shoes off! Nice with your bare feet in the warm sand. Foot jewelry decorates your feet so that they don’t feel so bare. cute!