For the newlyweds, the last few weeks before the wedding are very busy, but also very fun and delicious. They are already being prepared for their big day and they have been pampered for weeks so that they look great at the wedding. This also includes a visit to the nail stylist and nail technician!


A visit to the nail technician is wonderfully relaxing. The nail technician ensures that your nails look perfectly cared for and that they look very natural or very extravagant. Especially at the wedding, the hands of the bridal couple are often photographed and then it is not very nice in the photos when you see gnawed nails.


The nail technician also ensures that your hands look well-groomed and feel velvety soft. Especially nice in winter, when many people suffer from dry hands and cracks. You can always go to the nail stylist, even if you are a nail biter or, for example, you have very brittle nails or a profession where you often damage your nails.


Cared for and soft

A nurturing treatment at the nail stylist not only ensures beautiful nails, but also smooth and soft skin. The nails also become stronger and can endure more. With a normal treatment at the nail stylist, the nails are filed, membranes are removed, the nails are polished and varnished. You can also opt for a scrub, mask or other nourishing treatment for your hands. Especially nice for people with rough hands or ‘chilblains’.



In addition to taking care of and beautifying your nails, you can also have your toenails made beautiful. When you get married in a short dress with open shoes, this is of course recommended. Ask the nail technician for advice. For example, you can have gel or acrylic nails placed, but a French manicure is also one of the options. Either way, it’s fun at the nail stylist! Looking for a nail technician?