Getting married on killer heels ? Okay, comfortable is different, but why should it necessarily be comfortable? In addition, a Mr. Manuel Blahnik Rodríguez has brought killer heels on the market that are great for a day of walking.

Manolo Blahnik about killer heels

And when you buy a wedding shoe, it’s best to do it right right away. And why not a pair for every part of the day. By changing shoes often, it can still be quite manageable with the pain. And then there are plenty of other ways to get through the day in killer heels shoes.

How do I survive the killer heels faithfully?

– Start exercises in good time: lying on your stomach with your arms stretched forward. Lift your left and right foot alternately. Max. 15 centimeters and hold this for 8 seconds in sessions of 10.


– Make sure the gems are in your possession well before the big day so that you can wear them frequently at home. That way you get stuck in them and you know what the pain points are.

– Walk-in heels as much as possible a month before your wedding so that it becomes completely your own.

– When you know where blisters may develop, you can cover these places with blister patches on the wedding day.

– On the day itself; Stand relaxed with knees slightly bent, stomach in and breasts out. Walk-in a straight line and look far ahead, and you will own the day!!

Incidentally, Sarrah Jessica Parker recently designed a shoe line based on the Manolos from Carrie (Sex and the City). Including a shoe that looks a lot like Carrie’s wedding Manolos. And who wouldn’t want to feel a little Carrie on her wedding day?