Mask proof lipsticks Showing off-colored, shiny, and hydrated lips without straining the mask seems like an impossible mission, right? The truth is that it has been difficult to find the formula, or rather the lipstick, which does provide color and freshness and also does not stain the mask on duty.

We collect 7 mask proof lipsticks that are definitely the new must of the season.

Is there an anti-mask lipstick that unites us all? With the health crisis, our favorite lipsticks had the bad luck of being relegated to the toiletry bag because of the mask.

Until now, it seemed an impossible mission to combine makeup and a mask at the same time because the latter was almost completely stained and damaged. But not only our lipstick affected the mask, but the mask, for its part, spoiled the beautiful contour that sealed our Mask proof lipsticks.

Hence, the question of whether there is a mask-proof lipstick that unites us all becomes the backbone of this text, because we intend to provide a solution, rather, 7 solutions! Attentive, because we have found (and tested) 7 fantastic lipsticks that do not stain the mask or dry out the lips.

How to avoid that my lipstick ends up staining the mask with colors and flavors?

Before using a long-lasting matte or tattoo effect lipstick, it is very important to exfoliate, hydrate, and protect your lips. The reason is simple, the skin of the lips is one of the most sensitive parts of our body. So, take care of them!

In addition, applying lipstick on the residues of another will not spread as much as if you were doing it on perfectly hydrated lips, without skin or impurities.

mask-proof lipsticks

Remember that lip exfoliation is convenient to do once a week, especially to eliminate dead cells that are shed from the skin. Because to achieve dream lips it is        also necessary to take care of them and pamper them properly.

To prevent the mask from wreaking havoc on your lips, hydrate them daily with a lip balm or lip balm. As with the importance of wearing a filter or sunscreen in any season of the year, it doesn’t matter if you make up your lips or not, you should always hydrate and protect them.

7 mask-proof lipsticks that don’t dry out

We confess that it has not been easy to choose a lipstick that hydrates, does not dry out, or stain the mask. But, here are our seven long-lasting mask proof lipsticks proposals that hydrate, as well as add color.

1. Maybelline New York Matte-Ink

mask-proof lipsticks4Maybelline is a firm that adapts its products to the consumer’s pocket. In fact, it is one of the makeup companies with the best value for money and the only one that manages to be in the top sales of the electronic giant, Amazon. Your jewel in the crown? The New York Matte-Ink lipstick.

The Matte-Inks, with Gigi Hadid as ambassador, promise not to dry out the lips and last up to 16 hours. The best? The wide range of colors it offers. If you have very cared and hydrated lips, this lipstick is ideal for you.

2. Ink The Velvet Liquid Lipstick

mask-proof lipsticks2This curious, small and colorful lipstick is one of those unique jewels that you discover and that you quickly become addicted to. It is preceded by the fame of Korean cosmetics and, by all, it is known that they know exactly how to take advantage of any beauty product or trick.

If you want to wear a natural, juicy lip color with a moisturizing effect, opt for this lipstick from The Velvet lip stain, which is in the top 8 of the best Korean cosmetics products.

3. Les Macarons Ultra Matte by L’Oreal

mask-proof lipsticks3On our list we could not miss the fabulous and spectacular Les Macarons liquid lipstick, the line of lipsticks from L’Oreal that captivates all the fashion magazines and that has a score of 9/10 in Primor. In addition, it is a top seller in any cosmetic store.

This liquid permanent lipstick from L’Oreal has an ultra-matte finish. The best? Leave a caramel scent on your lips that you will love.

4. Shine Loud by Nyx Cosmetics

mask-proof lipsticks5The lipstick that went viral and united all the users of Tik Tok is the famous Shine Loud by NYX, a highly pigmented and long-lasting lip gloss. Since it went viral on the social network, it has not stopped being a sales success. The firm promises up to 16 hours of duration without marks.

The best thing about this lip gloss is its glossy finish and the that it is enriched with oils that care for and hydrate the lips. Without a doubt, the perfect choice for those who love glitter.

5. The Clarins tattoo effect marker

mask-proof lipsticks6This lipstick designed by Clarins comes in marker format and is a true lip tint that does not stain the mask and lasts for hours and hours. With it, you can eat or drink without fear of discoloration. We have tested it and the results are unbeatable. As soon as you apply it to your lips, previously hydrated, the color and sealing effect is immediate.

Its texture is very light, as it does not feel viscous to the touch. It comes with a Lip Twist Duo, something that will add a touch of sparkles and diamonds to your mouth. Can you ask for more?

6. The mighty Nars Power Matte

mask-proof lipsticks7Nars offers us a highly pigmented liquid lipstick that gives the lips an intense, precise color with an ultra-dry finish. The coverage is total and has a range of colors of up to 18 different shades.

The Power Matter is a non-drying matte lipstick that leaves a velvety effect on the lips. Its applicator, brush style, allows you to outline the lips and give them more volume.

7. Dior Addict Lip Tattoo

mask-proof lipsticks1A high-end lip gloss that promises up to 10 hours of wear with a non-transfer tint that dries in seconds, Dior’s formula is lightweight and enhances natural lip color.

The best? Provides color, shine, and hydration, a true all-in-one.

Special mention

  • Matte crayon by L’Oreal: It is creamy, permanent and its “pencil” format allows you to outline the lips. We also like its scuff-proof and mask-proof formula.
  • Clarins Water Stain: This little guy is a real discovery and brings a light, very juicy, and long-lasting color.
  • Nyx Lingerie Push-Up: This lipstick from NYX provides retractable pressure and an enriched vegan formula that allows lips to be a liner, plump and plump.

How to remove them?

To remove all permanent colors without damaging your lips, you need a suitable cleanser or make-up removers, such as biphasic cleansers or oil formulas. A good technique is to soak a cotton pad and remove the color with gentle movements, without rubbing or scratching.

In short, if you are looking for a mask-proof lipstick, make sure that its formula is more watery and that the pigments adhere to the skin of your lips as a protective layer of color and remain intact for many hours.