There is a very wide range of shades in lipsticks, and sometimes you can believe that you are wearing some vampy lips, but no. Losing the north with this lip look is so easy. It is not enough to wear dark lips and that’s it, the tone is essential! How to know which are the tones that enhance this look? We will tell you!

Vampy lips are intensity

That’s how it is! The lipstick you choose has to be intense, it is not worth choosing a lilac tone, for example, although purple is associated a lot with this type of lips. Make sure it’s intense! For example, our SuperStay Matte Ink lipsticks in Believer and Escapist shades are super trendy shades to wear totally vampire lips!

In addition, these types of lipsticks are lip tints that will stay with you all day! Or all night, of course. Thus, as a good vampire, you will not have to look in the mirror every two by three to touch up.

They are specific tones

In addition to intensity, vampy lips have very specific tones. Obviously, wearing intense but vibrant shades like pinks or oranges won’t go with this lip look. Apart from purple, wine and dark red tones are perfect . Exactly what shades are we talking about?

Vampy lips2


The SuperStay Ink Crayon lipstick in the Make it Happen shade is one of the most flattering and vampy shades you can find. In addition, the Settle For More tone falls within this type of lip look, although it pulls more towards brown.

These lip crayons are long-lasting too!

In addition, the Voyager shade of the SuperStay Matte Ink lipsticks is a wine shade that is also super good for this type of lips.

They are super combinable

To wear lips like these, how do you make up the rest of your face? It all depends on the type of look you want to wear. If you want your vampy lips to be the center of attention, the ideal is not to overload the rest of your makeup, and wear nude tones. But they can also be part of a more complex look , without overloading it, you know how?

A satin makeup base, a contour with bronzing powder, defined brows, smoky eyes, a marked cat eye, and super lashes make this look great for a romantic or business dinner.

Burgundy eyes also look great with these lips. Also, do not miss the blush! The finish of this casual look is undoubtedly amazing. And what about this look? Without a doubt, it gives a total vampire finish. Take the Escapist shade to another level, and complement it with a more luminous shade for the lids . In addition, a thick eyeliner that sets the look well, and super lashes make the superstay-ink-crayon vampy lips very well accompanied.

What do you think of these lip tones? Without a doubt, they are a safe bet to create an intense lip look.

Highlight your lips with the best Matte Ink and Ink Crayon shades and enjoy long-lasting lips!