You may not realize it, but your jewelry can be a mismatch with the wedding dress you have chosen. Many brides assume that jewelry is always an addition to a wedding dress, but it is possible that the jewelry you have chosen does not look good with your dress. Which jewelry fits my wedding dress? We have collected a number of tips for you to choose the perfect jewelry for your dress.

Look at the neckline of your wedding dress

If you want to wear a beautiful necklace at your wedding, first take a good look at the neckline of your wedding dress. There are many different necklines. We list them below and tell you which jewelry fits best with them:

Which jewelry with your wedding dress

Strapless: avoid large and flashy jewelry, opt for small and minimalist jewelry.© With this neckline it is even beautiful not to wear a necklace at all and to opt for slightly longer earrings.

Square Neckline: The most beautiful piece of jewelry is a necklace that is not too long.© It’s nice if the jewelry hangs slightly above your décolleté. Think of a choker, but also opt for small and subtle stones. Longer earrings also look good here.


Which jewelry fits my wedding dress2


Halter-shaped: opt for as little jewelry as possible with this dress.© Halter-shaped dresses are very sensual and the following applies: the more you show of yourself, the more beautiful the dress becomes. Choose one striking piece of jewelry and keep it super minimalist.

Boat Neckline: Opt for stud earrings and a necklace with some color in it.© The stones fit best with the dress when they are small. You can also choose jewelry without stones, then choose a very fine silver or gold necklace.

Asymmetrical neckline: you can go ‘all out’ with your earrings.© Opt for large or eye-catching earrings, unless the wedding dress already has a lot of decorations.

Optical Illusion Neckline: A necklace may not be a good idea with these types of wedding dresses as they often have a high neck.© Opt for small button earrings so that the focus is all on the dress.