Clothes make the man, and that includes shoes! In fact, we believe that the shoes complete the outfit. Nothing is a crazier sight than a gorgeous suit with mismatched shoes underneath. In this blog article you can read which color wedding shoes for men go well with the wedding suit. Get inspired!

Groom’s shoes brown

Brown wedding shoes with the wedding suit is a classic combination, one that many grooms choose. Brown looks very nice with blue or grey, but other combinations are also no problem. With an all black suit (for example a tuxedo) we would not opt ​​for brown wedding shoes. The shoes can then stand out from the whole. Do you have a black wedding suit and brown shoes? Choose a brown belt, which makes it more of a whole.

Clothes make the man, and that includes shoes1

Groom shoes black

Let’s start with the color wedding shoes you can hardly go wrong with: black. These shoes are neutral in color and can be matched with almost any kind of wedding suit. If you don’t want too flashy shoes, you can always choose a black shoe. Moreover, these shoes can be combined well with all kinds of other outfits – so they are also very useful after the wedding. Black shoes, for example, are great office loafers or a perfect choice for a casual-chic outfit.

Clothes make the man, and that includes shoes2

Wedding shoes men beige or off-white

Beige or off-white wedding shoes for men look great with a light gray or dark gray wedding suit, or a wedding suit with a specific color (other than black, white or shades of gray). The combination of beige wedding shoe with beige wedding suit is also very classic and elegant. Beige or off-white wedding shoes even go well with a blue wedding suit. So very versatile! It is a calm color, but striking thanks to the light color.

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