Autumn brings with it all kinds of beautiful colors that you can use ideally for the decoration of your wedding. You can create a really cozy autumn wedding, especially in combination with a touch of gold!

A dream wedding in the fall

Everyone dreams of a super romantic wedding at a certain season of the year. For example, one person loves the sun and the other wants a winter wonderland wedding. The fall season is also always popular with weddings, because of the beautiful colors in nature.


A color that fits perfectly with the colorful collection of natural colors is gold. Gold also goes well with winter weddings, so if you are organizing an autumn wedding or a winter wedding, be sure to read this inspiration article!

gold autumn wedding2

Bridal accessories in gold color

Bridal accessories come in many different colors and shapes and there are even countless amounts of bridal accessories in gold color. Gold colored ornaments are very popular, not only because they are used a lot in weddings. You can always give them a second life as holiday accessories, If you are tired of your marital accessories after your wedding. Gold-colored decorations are also widely used on most of the holidays.

Bridal accessories in gold color can of course be jewelry, but also eyeshadow, your bag, your shoes or a brooch on your dress or bag.

gold autumn wedding3

Table decoration with golden accents

With gold-colored table decorations you can think of plates, cutlery, glasses, but also napkins or even good-colored flowers. The tablecloths, the present for the guests is available in a gold color. Name cards, you can think of it that it is available in a gold color.

Try to create unity. because of make the entire buffet table with all the trimmings golden. Now might be a bit too much of a good thing. Think of golden name cards on a natural-coloured table and one more gold-coloured object that shines a little more, such as cutlery or glasses. Ideal combination!