Giving a wedding gifts for children, for some, this sounds like an impossible task. Finding a gift for the bride and groom is already a difficult task, let alone giving the children of the bride and groom a gift. “Where do I start?” you may be thinking. Children prefer to be busy, with a  diamond painting  or a day out, children want to be entertained. In this article we give you 3 ideal gifts for the children of the bride and groom. So you no longer have to stress about the ideal gift, the answer can be found here!

1: A subscription to a park or swimming pool

Children prefer to be busy, which is why a subscription to an animal park, theme park or swimming pool is the ideal gift for the children of the newlywed couple. If you just got married, you naturally want time for you and your husband or wife, you can spend this time with just the two of you or with the children. A subscription to a park gives you the opportunity for both, you can enjoy the sun at the edge of the pool while your children have fun in the pool. Children can go as often as they want with a subscription. Parks such as Technopolis, Hidrodoe, Europe Space Center or Artis? All options are open.

2: Get crafty!

Children want nothing more than to have fun, a craft kit is therefore the ideal gift to make the children happy with a box full of new things. Craft kits are available for both boys and girls and there is always something for everyone. You can think of paint brushes, paint, colored paper, wobbly eyes,  diamond painting stones  and many more options. You can put together a theme craft package yourself or go for the ready-made option.

wedding gifts for children (2)

3: A theater performance is one of a wedding gifts for children

Nowadays there is a theater performance for all ages, even for babies. There is a show for every age. A beautiful dance performance, or at least a musical that fits in well with the interests of the children. Lion King, Cats, Soldier of Orange and many more. A theater performance can be for fun as well as for an educational purpose. This way you can ideally combine fun with an educational outing.

Now you know what to buy for the bride and groom’s children! Making a choice remains difficult, but now you at least know which 3 nice gifts there are.