Now we hear you thinking: How hard can it be to take your makeup off? A cotton ball and some makeup remover and you’ve come a long way, right? But there is often more to it than just wiping away old mascara and foundation residue. You certainly don’t want to make these 5 mistakes when you take off your make-up!

1. Using eye makeup remover on your face

No, this is not a marketing stunt: eye makeup remover is really special for your eyes. It is often a lot more stubborn than make-up remover for your face and contains much more oils. That works great for stubborn mascara, of course, but those same oils can irritate your skin or clog your pores. So use your eye make-up remover mainly for your eyes and choose a different cleaning product for the rest of your face.

2. Using Facial Cleanser as a Makeup Remover

It also applies the other way around… Using a remover that is too soft to get your make-up off is also not recommended. A facial cleanser often contains too few moisturizing elements. When you use a facial cleanser as a make-up remover, you strip your skin of natural oils and you end up with dry skin. And then we haven’t even mentioned the leftovers of makeup that are left behind…

3. Only use makeup wipes

Most makeup wipes are not only bad for the environment, they are also not always good for your skin. If you use wipes to remove your make-up, you pull more on your skin and you often don’t get all the make-up off properly. This clogs your pores faster, causing your skin to irritate. Would you still like to keep using make-up wipes? Then choose to use them after thoroughly cleaning your face to remove the last remnants of make-up.

4. Exfoliating too hard

The skin on your face is a lot more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body. Scrubbing too hard or using a stubborn scrub is therefore not really wise. Also, do not rub back and forth with cotton wool or washcloths too hard, otherwise you can damage your skin. Instead, move in gentle circular motions across your face and remove your eye makeup by swiping sideways from side to side – not back and forth. Washing your face with your hands can also feel too intense for your face, so be careful not to be too rigorous.

5. Skip your neck, jaw and hairline

Is your skin often irritated along your hairline or on your jaws? That could be because you forget to clean them. A face full of make-up will of course look crazy if you don’t include your neck, jaw and hairline, but then you have to clean them well too. In addition, your neck is one of the most important places to properly remove your make-up. This is one of the first places to show signs of age. So don’t forget to remove all make-up there too for a clean and radiant skin!