Micellar water : You may already be using it to cleanse your face and keep it soft. We got to know it a few years ago and since then there has been a bottle in the bathroom cabinet as standard. But did you know that you can use it not only for your skin, but also for your hair? Here are 6 reasons why you should really use micellar water for your hair.

1. You can purify your scalp with it

This is perhaps the greatest effect of micellar water: because it is made of pure water, it counteracts certain minerals and metals from normal tap water. In addition, there are mild substances in micellar water that ensure that oils are broken down. This combination ensures that you can properly purify your scalp with it, because the build-up of all the dirt is easier to remove.

2. You can clean more thoroughly with micellar water for your hair

Because the substances in micellar water break down certain oils, it essentially cleans your hair more thoroughly than regular tap water. And another nice side effect: when less oils from old hair products remain on your scalp, your hair grows faster. So win-win!

3. Your skin likes it

Micellar water is not only good for your (scalp) skin, it is also very suitable for sensitive skin. It is not a persistent cleaning product, but a mild form of cleaning. This is because the inside of the micellar molecules consists of cells that remove oil in a natural and caring way. Do you have a dry scalp or brittle hair? Then micellar water is exactly what you need!

4. You can use it regularly

Because it is so gentle on your hair and scalp, you can easily use it regularly. Unlike shampoos that strip your hair of all natural oils if you use them too often, micellar water is gentle enough to remove only the excess oils without damaging your hair.

5. It hydrates and gives volume

Because micellar water cleans your hair without drying it out, it’s a good option for those with oily hair who want a little more volume. There is glycerine in micellar water and that gives your hair and skin extra hydration. So a good option!

6. It maintains a healthy scalp and healthy hair

Because micellar water is so good at working through a build-up of dirt and residue from hair products, it also ensures that your hair roots can develop properly. This makes your hair not only longer, but also fuller. So especially use micellar water to get a long and healthy haircut!