What is more attractive than perfect, juicy and well-painted lips However, getting them is sometimes complicated: they fade, the color sticks everywhere, they crack, …  We show you how to avoid all these little problems with these tricks. Read, read!

1. Exfolio your lips

If you have very dry lips or you just want to get rid of those pesky little skins, you just have to exfoliate this delicate skin with sugar and a little honey.  In just a minute you will have lips without traces of dead cells, more hydrated and juicy. In short … beautiful lips!

2. Hydrate the area

Before going directly to lipstick or lipstick, you have to start outside! Caring for and treating the skin around the lips is important to give our lips a juicier and more palatable appearance.

First of all, make sure that this part of the dermis is clean and hydrated to ensure perfect lips. Apply a little primer to frame the area you want to highlight. In this way, the lips will look bigger and fuller.

3. Choose the tone that favors you most

Time to apply lipstick!  If you have doubts about several colors and you do not know the shade that combines well with your skin or eye tone, we have the ideal solution for you!

With the 5 shades of Color Sensational Made for All lipstick,  you will be absolutely sure that, whatever color you choose, it will perfectly match your skin, your hair and your eyes. We assure you!

These shades have been tested on more than 2,500 women with no less than 50 different skin types. And it’s perfect for everyone! They are universal tones created expressly so that you have perfect lips at any time, whatever your skin tone. Isn’t that impressive?

In addition to a  matte red  and a satin one  , in this range of lipsticks you will find a  pink, a  nude and burgundy.  Choose your favorite for today’s look and apply it on the base that you have created with the pencil. You will see how it lasts much longer than if you applied it without the base.

4. Illuminate cupid’s arc

Just above your upper lip, in the area where you made the “M” with the lip liner earlier,  add a touch of highlighter.  A very simple trick for more palatable lips!

5. Avoid stained teeth

There is nothing worse for any look than going with lipstick stained teeth. But sometimes it is so difficult … how to avoid it? Very easy. To achieve perfect lips and clean teeth, once you have finished applying the lipstick,  place your index finger between the upper and lower lips, thus removing excess product from the inside of the lips; a colored mark will remain around the finger. Done!

Now that you know how to paint your lips to succeed, all you have to do is get it (if you haven’t done it yet) with the Color Sensational Made for All shade that best matches your look today. And go out and eat the world!