Testify at a wedding for your wedding you need a minimum of two and a maximum of four witnesses aged eighteen or older. What it means to testify, we tell you in this article.

Who as a witness at your wedding?

As long as your witnesses are only eighteen years old or older, you can ask anyone you want as a witness. Your best friend, your sister, brother, other relatives, but also a good neighbor or colleague. It is even possible to ask a stranger to testify at your wedding. The witnesses put a scribble under the marriage certificate and thus ensure that the marriage is legally valid. They confirm that you have both agreed to the marriage.

Who can be a witness at a church wedding?

Do you want to hold a Catholic service? Both bride and groom are then assisted by one or two witnesses. These friends or relatives stand next to the bridal couple during the ceremony. Are you going for a Protestant service? Traditionally, no witnesses are present. However, if you still want this, please discuss with your pastor whether it is possible.

Asking witnesses

It is an honorable duty to act as a witness at a marriage. Have you determined who you would like to ask as witnesses? Then make it a special moment. You can of course call someone and ask, but it’s all the more fun to make a little more work of it. Plan a dinner party or bake a cake and invite that person over for coffee and a treat. You must provide the names of the witnesses if you are going to be married, so don’t wait too long with questions!