Don’t feel like spending tens of dollars to find the right lip gloss for you? After all, a good lip gloss is not only shiny but also nourishes your lips. What could be better than making your own lip gloss that makes your lips glow while also giving them the care they deserve? And it’s also a fun DIY project for a dreary afternoon. With these 4 steps you can make your own fine lip gloss.

1. Gather all the supplies

Of course, you need some different ingredients and materials for your perfect lip gloss. But those ingredients don’t have to be nearly as expensive as a lip gloss itself. Besides, you probably already have a few things at home. All you need is a spoon, a bowl, castor oil, vegetable glycerin and vitamin E oil. Do you want to add a nice color or scent to your personal gloss? Then also use some color powder or essential oils.

2. Create your base

Now that you have gathered all your ingredients and materials, the real work begins. Put 4 grams of castor oil and 4.5 grams of glycerin in the bowl and stir well with the spoon. This will provide a soft shiny substance. Now you have the base for your lip gloss and all you need to do is add the extras!

3. Add your extras

After creating your base lip gloss you can add your desired extras. For example, the vitamin E is not necessary for the lip gloss itself, but it is for storing your lip gloss. The vitamin E oil ensures that the gloss will oxidize less quickly and therefore lasts longer. So add 1.5 grams of vitamin E oil if you want to make your lip gloss last even longer. Finally, you can give your lip gloss your own personal twist by adding a colored powder for a nice color for your lips and/or some essential oils for a wonderful scent. Just make sure to pick a scent that won’t make you sleepy to avoid falling asleep every time you apply the gloss.

4. Lubricate it!

Are you completely satisfied with your own lip gloss? Then pour the stuff from your bowl into a nice packaging. You can also completely personalize it! Just make sure you mix the lip gloss well before using it and don’t keep it longer than two months. Let’s shine!