Does it always take you that long before you have put on the perfect winged eyeliner? Is ‘how do I get the perfect wing’ at the top of your searches? Eyeliner can be very tricky, but that is now a thing of the past! We share four tips that can help you create the perfect winged eyeliner.

1. Batwing

This eyeliner hack is perfect for people with hooded eyes. Makeup artist @scortezzbeauty tells us on TikTok how to actually apply your eyeliner if you have droopy eyes.

Start by drawing a line, as you always would. A tip for this is to follow the waterline so that you get the right shape that fits the shape of your eye. Then draw a line across your lash line. Now comes the trick: you draw the first line through to your arcuate arch, then you put a line from the arcuate to the lash line. Color in all the voids and voilà you have a perfect batwing.

For those with drooping eyes, the batwing allows the eyeliner to be seen, rather than disappearing when you open your eyes.

2. Tape

For this eyeliner hack you will need: medical tape and eyeshadow. TikTokker @kat_longoria went viral with this hack and we tell you how to get the perfect winged eyeliner with medical tape and eyeshadow.

Start by cutting a piece of tape, making sure the tape fits the width of your face. Then stick this tape from one eye to your other eye, through the nose. Make sure that the tape comes to just below your eyebrows so that you get a wing. Then take two more smaller pieces of tape to stick them from the end of the first piece of tape to your eyelid. Take the eyeshadow you want to use, it can be plain black or you can choose a different color, and rub it with your finger over your eyelid. Remove the tape and you’re done!

3. The right angle

Makeup artist @jada.desiree gives us tips on how to make your eyeliner symmetrical. We have listed them for you:
1. Start with your non-dominant side. Are you right handed? Then start with your left side and vice versa.
2. Grab a makeup brush to see what angle you want your eyeliner to be.
3. Start with the outermost line, so you can see what the chosen angle looks like. This also helps to see if the lines are symmetrical. If not, you can always improve it with concealer.
4. Keep your eyes open, this will give you a better idea of ​​what the eyeliner will look like.
5. Put dots, this gives you an idea in advance of what your eyeliner will look like. In addition, you only need to connect the dots.

4. Wing Stamp

Are you in a rush in the morning and not much time for your eyeliner? Then this wing stamp is your lifesaver! This eyeliner pen has a stamp at the end, with this stamp you create the perfect winged eyeliner every time.