Whether you have countless Halloween parties planned or don’t care much for the spooky holiday, the ‘Bat Wings’ latest makeup trend is one to remember.

latest makeup

The Bat Wing trend is the brand new brother of the Cat Wing eyeliner. You know, that nice black line above your eye with a little wing. The new take on the makeup look, inspired by bats, is sweeping Instagram and comes in all shapes and sizes.

Easy and difficult

Perhaps the best thing about the Bat Wing is that making a bat wing doesn’t require a lot of precision. Moreover, you do not need any special tools or make-up: a liquid eyeliner with a brush is sufficient. And what does that look like? Well, like this:

latest makeup

Not a fan of bats? Halloween is the perfect holiday to experiment with your makeup. For example, how about a spider web under your eye:

I saw them regularly on Instagram: Halloween eye look with a bat wing. So the eyeliner in the shape of a bat wing. I also wanted to give this a try and found out that it is harder than it looks!

I kept the base of the eye look simple, but with Halloween colors. I’m using my I Heart Revolution Sprinkles palette for the first time! There are some nice orange tones in it. I used just about all of them for this eye look! I also picked up the Makeup Revolution Pretty Creative palette, which also contains some orange eyeshadows. In the end I didn’t use it. I did use the anthracite/black shade ( ‘Day Dreamer’ ) from the Pretty Creative palette for under my eye.


I also tried out the Makeup Revolution fake eyelashes that I recently bought with this look! It also came with eyelash glue, but I prefer to use my Catrice eyelash glue. That one is very nice. The fake lashes felt good, I just need to practice a bit with applying. Fortunately that is getting better!

For my eyebrows and waterline I used the black eye pencil. I made the Halloween bat wing for this eye look with my trusty Catrice Liquid Liner. The felt tip allows you to work with it quite accurately. Still, it was quite difficult to make a nice bat wing ! My first attempt was more like a flag garland! Still, I think it turned out pretty well in the end:

makeup trend

It’s quite fun to create eye looks with a certain theme! Because of this I keep trying different things, which sometimes takes me slightly out of my comfort zone . Are there any other Halloween-themed looks I should make? Bring on the inspiration!

Have you made any Halloween looks yet? Which one did you enjoy doing the most?