Dried flowers are completely back. In the interior, but also in the wedding industry. A bridal bouquet with dried flowers, for example, is completely hip. We give you the best inspiration when you think about choosing a bouquet consisting of it.

Bouquet of dried flowers for your wedding

A bouquet  can actually be used for any type of wedding: from a wedding in a romantic atmosphere, to a vintage, beach or boho wedding. A bouquet is not only hip and original, but also very practical. First of all, there is of course no risk of the flowers wilting. So is it thirty degrees? No worries! Your bouquet will continue to look spic and span. You can also make a dried flower bouquet a while before the big day. That saves last-minute stress. And finally, you don’t run the risk of pollen stains in your dress.


From dried lavender to pampas grass, from roses to cornflowers… many flowers are perfect for drying and then turning into a stylish corsage.

Wrist corsages

Do you want something different than the standard corsage? Then go for a wrist corsage. With a wrist corsage of dried flowers, you don’t need much other jewelry anymore. A real eye-catcher!