Bridal Hairstyle Red Hair: what options are there?

Whether you have naturally Bridal Hairstyle Red Hair or have it dyed – redheads are beautiful. Curious which Bridal hairstyle red hair perfectly match your special hair color and what you can do in terms of color for your wedding day? You read it here more about sleep with loose hair!

Bridal Hairstyle Red Hair

Bridal Hairstyle Red Hair Natural red hair

If you have naturally red hair, you are blessed. You probably didn’t think that when you were younger and you were teased about it, but now that you are an adult everyone is jealous of this special color. Both long hair and a pixie haircut look great on you. For your wedding you can opt for a subtle curl or wave in your hair. Put your hair up half high and you look stunning. Do you prefer a Merida look, like in Brave? Then visit a hairdresser who specializes in curls. That is really worth it!

Red hair with highlights

Bridal Hairstyle Red Hair Red hair with highlights

Do you want to give your hair color a twist, without abandoning the red? Then choose highlights. Just like with a brunette or blonde color, you can have highlights applied. This gives a beautiful depth effect and it’s just that little bit different without making big changes just before the wedding.

Dye hair red

Bridal Hairstyle Red Hair Dye hair red

Don’t you have naturally red hair and would you like to? It’s often not a good idea to dye your hair red right before your wedding, if you’ve never done it before. You don’t know yet whether it suits you and if you switch back to your own color after a while, it may well be that you are disappointed with the wedding photos for a long time. Because of course you stand there with red hair. If you’ve been dyeing your hair red for a while, choose to dye your hair again about one to two weeks before the wedding. This way it still looks ‘fresh’ and the color has settled nicely.

Bright red hair at the wedding

Bridal Hairstyle Red Hair Bright red hair at the wedding

Okay, just a moment for sheer honesty. Bright red hair looks good on very few people. It remains an unnatural color and is therefore more often not beautiful than it does. Natural redheads also rarely, if ever, have fire-red hair of their own, so stay close to nature when you get it dyed.

dark red hair

Dark red hair

Dark red hair, for example, is a lot less unnatural. There are shades of red that are so dark that you can only see them when light is shining on them. In the sun, a beautiful, deep glow is created. In photos, your hair just looks dark. Our tip: go to a hairdresser who specializes in bridal hairstyles and ask which shade of red suits you best. Have a test hair done and see your new hair color in different light sources. Beautiful everywhere? Then you know what to do!

Dark Red Hair - 2