Do you sleep with loose hair? That’s bad for you for this reason

Do you also love to sleep with loose hair? It can be a relief to wear your hair down after all day wearing a tight ponytail. You could even compare it to taking off your bra after a long day. But actually sleeping with your hair down isn’t as good as it feels.

Is sleeping with loose hair bad?

According to a New York dermatologist named Dendy Engelman, sleeping with loose hair is bad for your skin. But why is it bad for your skin. Dendy explains to Well and Good : “Hair is like a magnet that attracts dirt.”

This may explain why you get pimples in places like your cheeks. We know that pimples in places like your chin and jawline are often hormonal, but in other places it often remains a mystery – until now. Dendy adds, “When you sleep, your hair can rub on your face and bedding, making you more prone to breakouts.”

So it is not surprising if you get more pimples if you lie on your hair all night. Your scalp, like pimples, produces sebum. Depending on how long ago you washed your hair, the sebum would come down the hair strand. If you sleep with opened hair, you are actually lying on oily locks all night, and this can cause the pimples. Many pimples on your forehead are also caused by this.

The solution

But what can you do about it? If you prefer to sleep with your hair loose, you should wash your hair before going to bed. Don’t feel like doing that? Then Dendy lets you know that keeping the hair away from your face is a good second solution. She advises, “Before going to sleep, I recommend wearing hair in a loose braid or ponytail.”