Best Time to Water a Garden

Plants have had a therapeutic reaction on people ever since the beginning of time. Almost all plants need light, air and water. We need to know what is the best time to water the garden. Each plant comes with its very own distinctive nature and characteristics. These specific and unique characteristics are what set them apart from other types of botanical species.

It is not easy to get close to nature in this time and age, however we can surely do our utmost to bring nature closer to us. This is why people invest into house plants as they are not too hard to maintain or take care of.

House plants also require a minimum amount of sunlight to fully mature, ‍so you should know the best time to water a garden which makes them so popular amongst young adults in colleges and universities who have a soft spot for plants but do not have the time to invest into them for long hours.

You do not need to complete an entire course when it comes to learning about how to take care of plants and helping them flourish into the beautiful creations they are eventually meant to be. However, it does not hurt to know a bit about the little tips and techniques that could help you turn a confusing session with your house plants into a fun and relaxing one.

Continue reading this article and we will show you why they term gardening as a therapeutic experience for people of any age and you will aslo know the best time to water a garden.


Watering plants in the morning

You should always try to water your garden plants early in the morning when the sun is just about to rise. The soil at this time of the day is always cool, hence it will allow the water to soak into the ground much more easily and faster. Watering plants early in the morning also reduces evaporation from taking place, therefore the roots will get the most amount of hydration then.


Watering plants in the afternoon

Your next best time frame to seize is around the afternoon, right after the sun starts to slowly move away from its centre place. Do not water your plants while the sun is right over head as evaporation will take place. As a result, the plant will not be able to soak up the adequate amount of water that it requires, even after being drenched with butt-loads water from time to time. It will only create a muddy situation for you and the plant itself.


Plants need 1 inch of water per week

Even though 1 inch does not seem like a whole lot of water to you, trust us when we say that it is more than enough for the plant you are taking care of. Follow the general rule of thumb and make sure to water your plants to the point where they have an inch of water in the tub for the week. This amount is ideal as a reservoir for them, while also making sure the roots and leaves do not dry out under any circumstances.


Wilting is a sign that it is time to water

How do you know when to water your plants? After all, it is not easy to simply eye ball your way through with gardening. A simple and quick hack to this is to notice if the entire plant starts to wilt or not. Wilting is a sign that it is time to water the plant, as it is losing strength. However, make sure to not over water the plant either. Remember to follow the 1 inch of water per week rule and you will be good to go.


Overhead watering on a sunny day can scorch leaves

This is a myth as overhead watering will definitely not scorch the plants leaves if it’s done on a sunny day. It is wise to not water on a sunny day when the sun is right over head the plant as it will increase the evaporation process. But do not believe myths which claim that overhead watering will scorch the leaves of the plants if it’s done on a sunny day.


Avoid overhead watering with a sprinkler

Watering on the leaves with a sprinkler is not a forbidden act, however experts claim you should water the soil instead as it will help the plant soak in the water much faster and easily. Watering overhead with a sprinkler will only wet the leaves momentarily as the rest will be evaporated soon after due to the heat.

best time to water garden

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it better to water in the morning or at night?

It is better to water in the morning right after the sun starts to rise since the soil is the coolest during this period. As a result, the plant will be able to soak in the most amount of water. You can also sprinkle water on the plant during the night, however it is best to not do so as too much water without sunlight appearing might over-wet the plants and they may soon start to wilt away due to excessive moisture.


  1. When should you water a garden?

It is best to water a garden during the first few hours of the morning as the ground is the coolest during that period. Cool soil helps plants to soak in water much faster as evaporation is to a minimal at that period of time.


  1. When should you water plants on a hot day?

You can water plants two to three times on a hot day with intervals of 3-4 hours at most. Make sure to leave about a 1 inch of water in the tub for the entire week.


  1. Is it bad to water plants at night?

It is not exactly bad or forbidden to water plants at night, however experts suggest you to not do so as there is no sunlight which will help the plants to breathe properly. Watering plants at night may lead to excessive moisture build up in the roots and leaves, which may result with the plant dying prematurely.

Gardening is one of the best ways to detoxify yourself while also contributing to the planet in the most eco-friendly way. I hope you already know when the best time to water a garden. Invest your time and money into gardening projects so that you can experience a relaxing time while making sure the planet breathes better at the same too.