The perfect sports bra looks nice, but more importantly: it should support your breasts well. We have listed what you should pay attention to.

Your normal bra size is not always the same size as your sports bra

Don’t just grab a bra from the rack, ask an expert for advice and try on different sports bras so that you can compare them properly.

Know what to pay attention to when trying on

  • Turn around and look at the back. If the bra rides up, the bra is too wide or the straps are too short.
  • Do your breasts bulge out from the top or the side? Then you need a larger size.
  • The sports bra should not be too loose. Wrinkles are a sign that you are wearing a size that is too big.

Move in the fitting room

Jump up and down a few times in the fitting room and bend over, checking whether your breasts remain in the bra.

Replace your perfect sports bra bra in time

The more often and more intensively you use your sports bra, the faster it will wear out. If your bra loses its elasticity, it’s time for a new one.

Material check

A good sports bra is made of sturdy material that can absorb shocks. Wide shoulder straps and extra darts provide extra support. Do you find seams chafing? Then choose a seamless copy.