During exercise you should be working on your killer workout and not with whether your breasts are still in your sports bra or not.

The things below indicate that it may be time for a new products. 5 Signs Your Sports Bra Needs Replacement.

1. The bottom does not fit properly

The band under your breasts should fit snugly. It may be a little tighter than the band of your regular bra, but it should be comfortable and not feel like a corset.

2. The straps are too thin

The straps should also fit snugly to prevent them from chafing against your neck or shoulders. The wider the straps, the more support they provide. If you have large breasts, this may be a must to be able to exercise comfortably, but wide straps are also nice for smaller breasts. Wide or crossed tires are less likely to slip.

3. Your sports bra no longer fits your body

If you exercise fanatically, your body can change. You’re getting more muscular, maybe you’ve lost a few pounds. This can mean that your sports bra no longer fits properly and that it is time for a new one.

4. The rack is out

The more you wear your sports bra, the longer the stretch will go. Especially if you have a model that you put on over your head, the elasticity can be lost faster.

You’ve been putting it through the dryer

You have been putting it through the dryer Dryer Hall is the number one enemy of sports brawls, sending even the best standards to an early death, Lawson said. The hot air destroys the lycra, which means you must dry your bra (along with your other active clothing). Washing your hands on your sports bra will also help make them last longer, but if you’re too busy (and who isn’t?), Wash gently in cold water.