Best Place to Buy Wall Art On Your Budget

There is nothing more therapeutic and relaxing than decorating your home with various art works and show pieces. People are always investing time and money into expensive art works in order to bring a touch of chicness, sophistication and modernity into their homes. But this does not mean that you always have to spend a fortune over these intricate decorations. But you can choose Best Place to Buy Wall Art On Your Budget

There are now tons of different places, both online and offline, where you can buy classy, intricate yet affordable wall arts. Most of the places you can buy wall art have online and offline stores, so you can get the best deals from anywhere you want.

We know how challenging and confusing it can be to find the right store that caters to your décor needs, but we do not want you to worry about that any longer. In this article today, we are going to talk about some of the best places to buy wall art that you might want to check out later.

Best Place to Buy Wall Art


Minted has been a front runner in the niche-industry of décor for a really long time now. Their products are always up to date; hence you can find the most modern art works in this amazing store. Minted is available both online and offline, so you can skim through different choices of wall art and purchase the one that fits the bill, right from the comfort of your own home.


Juniper Point Shop

Everyone loves the idea of purchasing cute stuff for a cheap price tag. Juniper Print Shop has got you completely covered in this field! The store has wall arts that range from nature inspired ones to abstract prints and posters to even vintage and floral themed designs.

Juniper Print Shop makes it a point to cater to every customer’s needs and demands with special customization features and benefits.


Saatchi Art

This store is the place you want to be at if you want to check out some really cool and authentic art works for a budget friendly price tag. The artworks displayed at this store are all verified to be authentic and original by expert curators.

The neat thing about this store is that every artwork category is distinguished with its predicted price range, so you can easily find what you are looking for based on your budget.



Everyone knows that being an artist is not an easy task. Not only does it take you extreme amounts of patience and dedication, but it also takes an artist an immense amount of will power to fight his/her way through the countless criticisms that get thrown in their way.

Here is where 20×200 is special. Every artwork, wall art and photography that is purchased from this store contributes to the livelihood of the artist behind its creation. So not only will you be enjoying high quality, museum standard artwork if you purchase from this store, but you will also be helping out someone financially at the same time.



There is no possible way for you to not have heard of the brand name “Etsy” even once in your lifetime. Etsy has established itself to be one of the easiest mediums to find home décor wall art. Other than having a huge collection of unique wall arts and decors, you can also find tons of other stuff in this amazing store, starting from clothes to shoes to stationaries to even customized gifts for your loved ones.


Urban Outfitters

Similar to the previous brand, Urban Outfitters has also been a household name when it comes to finding high quality art works and wall arts. Alongside artworks created by various artists and curators, you can also find a range of different and trendy outfits and other home decor products such as beddings, indoor plants, mirrors, and curtains, etc. in this amazing store.


World Market

World Market is the place you should go for if your priority is investing into convenient products for a really low price tag. Not only are the products found in this store high quality and affordable at the same time, but they are also shipped worldwide, which you cannot expect every store to do so.



Society6 has a bunch of unique wall arts that can cater to almost every customer’s specific requirements as the store works to customize each product to the buyer’s desires and wants.

Every purchase of yours from this store will also pay the artist behind the art work; hence you will also be contributing to their livelihood to some extent. You can also find other stuff such as unique beddings, trendy tapestries, curtains, show pieces, etc. in this store.



The Leif Shop has a bunch of incredible and seriously unique products that range from distinctive abstract wall arts to aesthetic Japanese stationaries and even high quality Leif patented cosmetics and candles. The Leif Shop is a one of a kind store which brings you unique and extraordinary products for budget friendly price tags.

The name of this amazing store states everything in the beginning. combines modernity with sophisticated vintage themes in a rather unique yet comfortable way that prompts you to keep looking at their products in awe. You can find museum standard wall arts and other original art works at this store.



Artfinder is the place to head down to if you want to purchase high quality products without the expensive price tag attached. This store features several of unique wall arts created by artists all over the globe. The best thing about this store is that you can return your purchased product for free of costs and no questions asked if you happen to not like your purchase.


One King’s Lane

This incredible store screams chic and sophistication at your face. You can find some of the best modern wall arts at this store, alongside classy accent-furniture’s and unique decorative objects.

Each of the wall arts found in this store is highly aesthetic to look at and can be afforded by almost anyone with a flexible budget.



Anthropologie brings to you plethora of extraordinary and wonderful wall arts that boast famous faces and places from all around the world. However do note that the wall arts found in this store are quite expensive, so you might want to have a flexible budget whenever checking out this store.

You can also indulge yourself in some of the most amazing books and games that are found in this incredible store.



Lumas is full of interesting and eye-catching wall arts that you can purchase for your home. You can easily skim through your choice of products in this store, as the store allows you to choose which range of price works best for you and your budget.

Alongside that, you can also search by texture, trend and artist when looking for specific artworks.


Tappan Collective

Check out this amazing store if you want to get your loved ones a one of a kind painting for their special day. This incredible store features products created by already famous artists as well as newly emerging artists from small towns. You can find a range of differently textured and opinionated wall arts in this store. Each of the products found in Tappan Collective is as unique as you are.


MoMA Design Store

The MoMA Design Store is the one you should check out if you want to invest into wall arts that tell a story rather than flash a vibrant and confusing visual of mindless strokes.

Every painting found in this store works to provide a backstory to the creation, allowing the viewer to completely immerse him or herself in its admiration. You will definitely love this store if you prefer a unique story line behind a painting instead of abstract lines and shadows.


Tiny Showcase

Nothing is more interesting than staring at a digital art that depicts a dystopian near future on the canvas. The hundreds of different, unique and intricate designs are the little things that make digital art so desirable to art lovers and enthusiasts as well as gamers.

Tiny Showcase brings to you marvellous art works by talented artists all around the globe. The wall arts are vibrant, compelling and magnificent to look at.


1000 Museums

We know how annoying it can be to find the frame of the art work you invested into to be of poor quality. This is more or less always the case with plenty of wall art stores. However, 1000Museums has a reputation of producing art work that comes with frames of exemplary quality and material.

You will be delighted with the quality of both the painting itself and the frame that comes with it if you invest into the products sold by this amazing store.


Absolut Art

Check out Absolut Art if your main priority is to invest into wall arts created by a diverse group of people of different nationalities and ideas. Absolut Art brings great minds from different corners of the world to one place, where they create and produce unique paintings and designs. Every art work on this site is original and completely authentic.



This online store is an exceptionally unique store where you can find paintings and other types of wall arts created by super talented and professional artists living in different parts of the world.

ArtStar brings you every single idea and thought of those artists by portraying them smoothly out on a beautiful canvas for everyone to look at and ponder upon. Create a trendy and unique space in your house by investing into the wall arts sold by ArtStar.

Best Place to Buy Wall Art2

Deviant Art

Deviant Art has been the largest community where fans of Japanese anime’s and other comics come together in order to express their love and admiration for the authors by creating unique representations of the original art work by themselves.

The art works posted on this site are of super high quality and can be printed out as wall arts as well. Check out this place if you want to be transported back to your childhood, however through the eyes of a completely different stranger for the first time ever.



The paintings sold by this incredible store are as unique as the name of the store itself. Zatista allows professional and expert curators to hand pick high quality and original art works just for you.

You can also return the product you purchase within a minimum period of 14 days if the purchased product does not cater to your needs.


Pop Chart

Check out Pop Chart if you want to find yourself looking at all things pop culture for a change of scenery. This store has the coolest and funkiest infographics that you can ever find. This store is mostly famous amongst teenagers and young adults as the cool infographics are always up to date and trending on social media’s such as Tweeter and Instagram.


Apartment Therapy Bazaar

The last place you should check out is Apartment Therapy Bazaar. This unique store has all the trendiest and coolest wall arts that you can hang up in your home. Change up the corner of your favourite room by hanging up the wonderful wall arts sold by this store.


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Where can I buy wall art online?

Every store that we mentioned above can be found both online and offline, so you can easily check those out. For example, check out ArtStar, Deviant Art, Urban Outfitters, Etsy, etc. for the best and trendiest artworks ever produced till date.


  1. Where can I buy original art work?

You can easily check out the stores we just mentioned above in the article as they sell both original and authentic art works created by professional and newly rising artists from all around the globe. You could check out Leif, Tiny Showcase, One King’s Lane, etc.


  1. Where can I buy cheap art in New York city?

For cheap, original art work in New York city, you could check out Etsy or Urban Outfitters as these two stores are available in the city while also selling affordable yet high quality art works.


  1. What are the best art websites?

The best art websites are Zatista, Deviant Art, Pop Chart, etc. You can find the most unique art works on these few sites.


The Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed reading this article of ours about the best places to buy wall art on your budget. Research thoroughly before placing your final order so that you get the best deal out of every purchase! Thank you for sticking around with us!