On August 30, it was announced that one of MTV’s most popular dating programs ‘Are You The One’ is coming to the Netherlands. Kaj Gorgels is the presenter of the program. Ten single men and ten single women go in search of the perfect match and hope to go home with 200,000 euros, but also to find true love.

These ten single women participate in ‘Are You The One?’ The Perfect Match.

Yasmin Are You The One

The tough and sporty 32-year-old Yasmin is a big fan of martial arts, loves to dance, and likes to stand on her snowboard. She is looking for a man with whom she can share her passions, someone with a lot of humor and who can offer her enough resistance.


Floor Are You The One

The 31-year-old Floor is a sociable animal and has not fallen on her mouth. “Work hard play hard” is tailor-made for her. She is looking for an ambitious man, but also a tall, confident man who treats her like a princess. She doesn’t like men who don’t make an effort for her.


Rabia Are You The One

The 29-year-old beauty Rabia knows exactly what she wants and what she is worth. She works as a producer, but her dream is to have her Fashion line. She gets warm from a true romantic and honesty is very important to her. Rabia loves her family and dreams of a big family.


Shanice Are You The One

The 24-year-old Shanice is a tough and sporty woman. She works as a teacher for difficult children and is helpful. She is looking for a muscular, caring, and well-groomed man. Shanice doesn’t like jealous men and snaps at men who are shorter than her.


Maartje Are You The One

The always cheerful Maartje is 25 years old and completely ready for this adventure to look for a buddy with whom she can share her whole life. In addition to her sweet side, she also has a spicy side, so she is certainly not afraid to approach a man. Maartje likes men with dark hair, a beautiful appearance, and a sporty body. Also, someone she can laugh with is very important.


Damiët Are You The One

The 26-year-old Rotterdam Damiët has an energetic and spontaneous personality. She is interested in others and knows how to seduce men easily with her social skills. She likes confident and smart men and wants a man who is nice to her. Damiët hates an arrogant man with too much ego.


Irene Are You The One

The 24-year-old ambitious and sporty Irene is a real fighter and goes straight for her goal. Fitness is her life and she likes to motivate people. Irene is looking for an ambitious sporty man who also likes to party. A well-groomed appearance is high on her list. She can’t wait to meet all the guys and make the connections.


Michele Are You The One

The energetic and creative Michèle is 24 years old and has an incredibly cheerful personality. She lives in Scheveningen and can therefore regularly be found on the beach. Honesty is number one for Michèle and this is very important in a relationship for her. She is looking for a caring man with whom she can laugh for hours and discover the world together.


Faby Are You The One

Faby, 21, grew up in Spain and has an energetic, positive personality. She is a temperamental Latina and enterprising lady. Besides studying law, she is also a DJ and Latin singer. e is looking for a taller, toned man who is caring, confident, and ambitious like her. Faby breaks down arrogant types and too vain men.


Dividend Are You The One

The spontaneous and genuine animal lover Dividivi is 24 years old and not made to be single. She likes the game of seduction and is more attracted to the inside than the outside. A confident man with a sense of humor is a plus for her. Dividivi doesn’t like guys who aren’t independent and brag too much.