How romantic do you want it to be? A bridal veil may be a bit old-fashioned, but so beautiful! Especially when the hubby can lift it up to kiss the bride. Sigh… The bridal veil used to be a protection for the bride against the evil spirits who wanted to steal her. The bridal veil was therefore only allowed to take off in the church if the groom could protect her. For the same reason there are also bridesmaids, they served as a distraction.

Beautiful accessory for your wedding dress

Today, the veil doesn’t really have any meaning anymore. But it’s definitely worth trying one on when looking for the ideal dress to romantic scene. It is also a super accessory for the bridal hairstyle.


Different bridal veils romantic women

★ Blusher, short and covers the face only. Also called bird cage. length. Speaks for itself, down to your shoulders. length. Up to your fingertips (with arms hanging down).

★ Chapel length. The veil is the same length as the dress.
★ And let’s not forget the Catedral length. This veil drags a few meters behind you. For example, think of the beautiful train of Maxima!


Something old romantic people

Now you can completely match a bridal veil with your dress, but you don’t have to. It could also be your grandmother’s veil, or maybe great-grandmother. Are you right the ‘something old’ already. The sentimental value makes it extra beautiful of course. If the complexion of the veil doesn’t quite match your dress, the veil could also be dyed. Call in an expert for this, because you don’t have to think about ruining your great-grandmother’s veil.

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